2022 Arnold Classic Results


Second most prestigious bodybuilding event Arnold Classic Columbus USA, held since 1989. Returned to its original time of the year that is usually held (March) to kick start 2022 bodybuilding season.

This year we had fourteen invitations, however only nine of them withdrew – Mohamed Shaaban, Nathan De Asha, Akim Williams and Cedric McMillan from the competition for health reasons, and Rafael Brandao simply reconsidered his plans. 

However, even the nine remaining pros were of such quality that bodybuilding fans should not complain. 

Favorite to win the 34th Arnold Classic was Mr. Olympia from 2019 Brandon Curry. Before the competition, many expected his dominant victory but he semifinals at the Columbus Convention Center on Friday night, showed that it wont be that easy for Brandon as William Bonac (Who was awarder Most Muscular Award) was at his best.

In the finals William and Brandon had been battling for first place in the call out, and Samson Dauda, ​​Steve Kuclo and Luis Rodriguez were fighting for third to fifth place. Max Charles, with Regan Grimes, Brett Wilkin and Fabio Rezend, on the other hand, were considered out side the top 5 this time.

After all, Brandon Curry remained the last man to be call out at awards, it this his second victory at the Arnold Classic but also probably controversial. Not that 39-year-old wasn’t great but Bonac especially in back posses and side chest gathered all the attention, he was simply more muscular and dominated in glutes, hamstrings and calves. According to Bonac his,its all thatnks to the newly established cooperation withChad Nicholls.

Money Awards:
1st place$ 200,000
2nd place$ 120,000
3rd place$ 70,000
4th place$ 37,500
5th place$ 20,000
6th place$ 12,500

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Look at the results we can also see that Steve Kuclo, placed third despite being fourth in both rounds. Luis Rodriguez who was in-between third and fifth place at the prejudging and final.

Samson Dauda placed fourth place, who was thrilled to be even able to join the Arnold Classic. He has improved during his collaboration coach Milos Sarcev, despite added weight still showed up with narrow waist and perfect control of the abdominals. The best poser award went do Brandon despite Samson being one of the best posers in the industry.


  1. Brandon Curry
  2. William Bonac
  3. Steve Kuclo
  4. Samson Dauda
  5. Luis Rodriguez
  6. Brett Wilkin
  7. Regan Grimes
  8. Max Charles
  9. Fabio Rezende

Current qualification series detail for 2022 HERE.

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You can find more photos of Arnold Classic 2022 here at Npcnewsonline.com .


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