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This was the first from the series I have started some time ago on Instagram about British Bodybuilding legends.

Kimberly Anne Jones was a 1992 British Champion who year later competed in famous 93 Ms Olympia.

After retiring from the stage she was an owner of “Old School” Skyline Gym in London.

Below Kim about herself (piece taken from her site.)

My 30+ years in the fitness industry have been colourful and triumphant. My history is vast and substantial. My resume is endless.

I started with a very successful career in bodybuilding winning an extensive array of coveted titles that culminated in obtaining my professional status and competing in such events as the biggest acclaimed bodybuilding contest in the world, the Miss Olympia.

During this period I was invited by Royal consent, to train for her HRH Princess Dianna at the official opening of the Barbican in London. I am the only bodybuilder to have ever been requested to do so.

I was also an invited guest to a birthday party of body building legend Arnold Schwarzenegger

On my retirement from the Professional arena, I transferred my skills as an athlete into the world of the media and consequently spearheaded major award winning marketing campaigns for VW motors, LWT Television and Virgin Mobile phones. Each campaign flourished and won The Advertising Campaign of the year award.

Amongst all the media hype each campaign ensued, I was featured as the main article on the front page of the Financial Times and every national newspaper / magazine reported weekly on my success.

Virgin Mobile constructed a dedicated website to me named Miss Super

Virgin Music composed a tune for the site, which could be downloaded as a ring tone.

I had cartoons drawn of me by such famous cartoonists as Jak and Kipper Williams

I have been photographed by Royal photographer John Swannell

I have made guest appearances on every poplar television show in England and Europe.

Further opportunities then came my way and I won the position as anchor woman and leading role as the coach in the popular Sky Discovery channels series ‘Body Spectacular.’

Then followed my principal role in a BBC Channel 4 documentary – A unicorn in a man’s world and a BBC 1 documentary – Baby face body builders.

At present a famous London sculptor is designing a statue and art exhibition of me. I have also recently been the subject of a successful photographic art exhibition at a gallery in the Strand

I also coach many of Britain’s former,current and future fitness stars. My success in this field is second to none and the quality of support and guidance I provide is well recognised throughout the UK.

In July 2011 I was nominated and honoured by the eminent bodybuilding organisation The Pioneers Of Physical Culture for my Outstanding Lifetime Achievements in Bodybuilding.

Competition history:

1985 1st place London and Southern counties
1986 1st place lightweights North West Championships
1986 4th place lightweights British Championships
1987 1st place lightweights North West Championships
1987 1st place middleweights British Championships
1988 6th place middleweights World Championships
1988 1st place/overall winner European championships
1990 1st place amateur Night of Champions
1992 1st place heavyweights London and South East Championships
1992 1st place/overall champion British finals
1993 3rd place heavyweight pro/amateur European Grand Prix
1993 Ms Olympia competitor
1994 13th Place European Pro Grand Prix

As per

Below some of the posing routines available online.


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