Mr. Big Evolution Pro and AO Portugal 2021 Part 1

Rhea Gayle did not disappoint in Portugal


On Sunday, July 18th in the Casino Estoril took place one of the biggest professional competitions of this season.
The competition which is of higher qualification level was worth the hustle of traveling in these hard times even from South America or the Middle East.
The show provided higher number of points for the Olympia qualification ranking.
Several pro athletes from UK took part as well as amateur but that on other post.

The organizers of Mr Big Evolution Portugal as before prepared nice show for spectators thanks to two lifting turntables.


Purposely starting this with Figure were we had there ladies representing UK Rhea Gale , Barbara Kiss and debutant Scarlett Hollands. Rhea and Barbara came to europe after competing at the Orlando Pro early this month where miss Gayle place 2nd and was now favorite to win this show.

Worth mentioned on Saturday few of the ladies was fighting to join Pro ranks at the amateur olympia with Rebecca Farrell placed 2nd and Ernesta (?)3rd in figure B.

Back to the Pro shows the judges asked for eight girls in the first to call out Bahar Ayra, Oyku Basar, Viola Burk, Rhea Gayle, Olesya Kochura, Carmen Penalver, Jennifer Zienert and Lena Ramsteiner who btw recently still was Ifbb Elite Pro but just Pro League by winning Amateur Olympia on friday. In the end, Lena took second behind Rhea Gayle who did not disappoint and won ticket to her third Olympia. Jennifer Zienert took third in her Pro Debut (she wont her Pro Card at the 2 Bros Ben Weider UK this year), Oyku and Bahar also made it to the top five. This time Gabriela Linhartová will take the divided sixteenth place in the races.

36161 4

Mr. Big Evolution Pro 2021 figure top 3 (photo: )

2021mrbigevolution figure
Mr. Big Evolution Pro and AO Portugal 2021 Part 1 14

Qualification list for Figure Olympia 2021 as of July 18:

NameCountryCompetitionPlace. *
Wendy FortinoUSAUpper Midwest Pro 20201.
Julia HeerenveenNetherlandsRomania Muscle Fest Pro 20201.
Carly Starling-HorrellUSAArizona Pro 20201.
Cydney GillonUSAFigure Olympia 20201.
Natalia SolteroMexicoFigure Olympia 20202.
Nadia WyattUSAFigure Olympia 20203.
Nicole Zenobia GrahamUSAFigure Olympia 20204.
Latorya WattsUSAFigure Olympia 20205.
Bojana VasiljevicUSAWasatch Warrior 20211.
Maria Luisa Baeza DiazUSAPittsburgh Pro 20211.
Jessica Reyes PadillaPuerto RicoPuerto Rico Pro 20211.
Lola MontezCanadaNorfolk Pro 20211.
Rhea GayleGreat BritainMr. Big Evolution Pro 20211.

* Place in mentioned competition. 

Figure – qualification ranking for the year 2021 as of July 18:

1.Shelace ShoemakerUSA12
1.Latoyia FarleyUSA12
1.Heather DeesUSA12
4.Ivana IvusicUSA9
5.Christine StearnsUSA8
5.Bahar AyraGermany8
7.Desiree AlferesUSA7
8.Anna BanksPoland6
8.Jessica HueteUSA6
8.Mayra RochaMexico6
8.Lena RamsteinerGermany6
12.Julia WaringUSA5
12.Jennifer ZienertGermany5
14.Veronica GallegoSpain4
14.Kristen McGregorJamaica4
14.Larhannah RobinsonUSA4
14.Oyku BasarTurkey4
18.Rachel ShoemakeUSA3
18.Autumn ClevelandUSA3
18.Shanice AbramsUSA3
18.Jacquelyn HurryUSA3
18.Anita DavisUSA3
23.Catherine LavoieCanada2
23.I want PachecoMexico2
23.Julia ChamplinUSA2
26.Rori RossUSA1
26.Jill BraxmeyerUSA1
26.Rita VillarrealUSA1
26.Donya JacksonUSA1

Women’s Bodybuilding

Anastasia Leonova new face in female bodybuilding pro ranks managed to turn her professional debut into a victory and it will be interesting to see how she will perform at Ms. Olympia. Veteran and probably favorite before the show Margita Zamolova got second place in Portugal, just like a few weeks ago in the Bahamas, which means she is not leading strongly in qualification ranking. Vera Mikulcova was third.

36161 2

Mr. Big Evolution Pro 2021 female bodybuilding top 3 (photo:

2021mrbigevolution fbb
Mr. Big Evolution Pro and AO Portugal 2021 Part 1 15

Competitors qualified for Ms. Olympia 2021 as of July 18:

Virginia SanchezSpainRomania Muscle Fest Pro 20201.
Andrea ShawUSARising Phoenix 20201.
Margie MartinUSAMs. Olympia 20202.
Helle TrevinoDenmarkMs. Olympia 20203.
MayLa AshUSAMs. Olympia 20204.
Irene AndersonSwedenMs. Olympia 20205.
Leah DennieUSANew York Pro 20211.
Nadia CapotostoItalyPuerto Rico Pro 20211.
Michaela AycockUSAOmaha Pro 20211.
LaDawn McDayUSANorfolk Pro 20211.
Anastasia LeonovaRussiaMr. Big Evolution Pro 20211.

Women’s Bodybuilding – qualification ranking for the year 2021 as of July 18th:

1.Margita ZámolováCzech Republic17
2.Monique JonesUSA9
3.Aleesha YoungUSA8
4.Tamara MakarGreat Britain7
5.Monia GioiosaItaly6
5.Anne SheehanUSA6
7.Wendy SanchezUSA5
7.Heather GraceUSA5
7.Věra MikulcováCzech Republic5
10.Mona PoursalehCanada4
10.Stacey NunezUSA4
10.Jessica MartinUSA4
10.Janeen LankowskiUSA4
10.Hülda LópezHonduras4
10.Vanesa LloriaSpain4
16.Anastasia KorablevaRussia3
16.Susanna JacobsUSA3
16.Nicki ChartrandUSA3
16.Alena HatvaniCzech Republic3
20.Keisha OliverUSA2
20.Gabriela PenaUSA2

Women’s Physique

Eleven female professionals entered in women’s physique, one of them was representing UK, Lindsay Angel who only just won her Pro Card on Friday and stood her ground well as she place 8th. The category was dominated by the Brazilians athletes as Daniela Castilho took first spot, Elisama Zorzetto second and the debutant Alcione Santos got 5th.

36161 5

Top 5 at Big Evolution Pro 2021 in women’s physique (photos: )

Lindsay angel
Lindsay Angel winning her Pro Card at Amateur Olympia
2021mrbigevolution WP
Mr. Big Evolution Pro and AO Portugal 2021 Part 1 16

Competitors qualified for the Women’s Physique Olympia 2021 as of July 18th:

namestatecompetitionPlace. *
Lenka FerencukovaCzech RepublicBritish Grand Prix 20201.
Caroline Alves dos SantosBrazilRomania Muscle Fest Pro 20201.
Emily SchubertUSAAtlantic Coast Pro 20201.
Melissa TeichUSAArizona Pro 20201.
Sarah VillegasUSAW. Physique Olympia 20201.
Shanique Grant **USAW. Physique Olympia 20202.
Natalia Abraham CoelhoUSAW. Physique Olympia 20203.
Barbara MenageFranceW. Physique Olympia 20204.
Ivie RheinUSAW. Physique Olympia 20205.
Carli TerepkaUSASt. Louis Pro 20211.
Alyssa KiesslingUSANew York Pro 20211.
Ana HariasUSAOptimum Classic Pro 20211.
Tanya ChartrandCanadaPuerto Rico Pro 20211.
Christelle ZarovskaSt. MartinOmaha Pro 20211.
Daniely CastilhoBrazilMr. Big Evolution Pro 20211.

* place in the relevant competition
** will not participate

Women’s Physique – qualification ranking for the year 2021 as of July 18th:

1.Elisama ZorzettoUSA11
2.Elizabeth BradshawUSA8
2.Sheronica HentonUSA8
2.Modesta HalbyDenmark8
5.Yuna KimSouth Korea7
5.Sheena WashingtonUSA7
7.Oana MarinescuSpain6
7.Trisha VezirianUSA6
7.Julia WhiteselUSA6
10.Claudia ArroyoUSA5
11.Corinne IngmanGreat Britain4
11.Jeanette JohanssonSweden4
11.Brooke WalkerUSA4
11.Candice WillmoreUSA4
11.Amanda MachadoUSA4
11.Laura Pintado ChinchillaSpain4
17.Priscila ReisBrazil3
17.Jennifer FaccintoUSA3
17.Ann GruberUSA3
17.Kimberly RieckUSA3
17.Alcione SantosBrazil3
22.Jeannea BurrittUSA2
22.Claudia DiazUSA2
22.Lorraine GonzalezUSA2
22.Amy RamselUSA2
22.Winsome WhiteUSA2
27.Ruiying BianChina1
27.Teresa BrooksUSA1
27.Laura RichardsUSA1
27.Victoria FloresUSA1
27.Christina BryantUSA1


Only three professionals presented themselves in Portugal in this very demanding but attractive category of fitness.
Here we had very well know face Kate Errington and her client who lives in UK and also won her card at the one of the 2 Bros shows Corinne Bean. First was the physique round dominated by Minna Pajulahti most muscular out of three which was clearly proffered by the judges. Second round was the 2 minute routine. At the end it was Minna at the first place before Kate and Corinne

36161 7

Mr. Big Evolution Pro 2021 fitness (photo: )

2021mrbigevolution fitness
Mr. Big Evolution Pro and AO Portugal 2021 Part 1 17

Competitors qualified for Fitness Olympia 2021 as of July 18:

Aurika TyrgaleUSALegion Sports Fest Pro 20201.
Missy TruscottUSAFitness Olympia 20201.
Oksana GrishinaRussiaFitness Olympia 20202.
Whitney JonesUSAFitness Olympia 20203.
Ariel KhadrUSAFitness Olympia 20204.
Jaclyn BakerUSAFitness Olympia 20205.
Derina WilsonUSAPuerto Rico Pro 20211.
Minna PajulahtiFinlandMr. Big Evolution Pro 20211.

* place in the relevant competition

Women’s fitness – qualification ranking for the year 2021 as of July 18:

1.Debbie FowlerUSA9
2.Layla MikaylaUSA6
2.Tamara VahnCanada6
2.Kate ErringtonGreat Britain6
5.Rene BroschUSA5
5.Anna ChismUSA5
5.Corinne BeanGreat Britain5
8.Sally Kendall-WilliamsUSA4
8.Jobie GoodroUSA3
8.Alison BurnsUSA3
11.Missy KhasawnehUSA2


This year for the first time in history wellness category will be part of Olympia Weekend in order to have sufficient athletes, top 2 qualify directly for Wellness Olympia 2021 in each competition as an exceptional rule this year.
We had sixteen names in Estoril and the victory in her second start in the professional competition has been won by Juliana Esteso from France, Brazilian Isamara Santos took second and Anna Mroczkowska from Poland got third in her Pro Debut. 
Charline Mas got 4th and Lisa Meiswinkel friday`s Amateur Olympia Pro Card winner -5th.

36161 8

The top five participants Big Evolution Pro 2021 in women’s wellness (photo: )

2021mrbigevolution wellness
Mr. Big Evolution Pro and AO Portugal 2021 Part 1 18

Competitors qualified for Wellness Olympia 2021 as of July 18:

NameCountryCompetitionPlace *
Francielle MattosBrazilMusclecontest Nacion. Dec 20201.
Angela BorgesBrazilMusclecontest Nacion. Dec 20202.
Giselle MachadoBrazilRomania Muscle Fest Pro 20201.
Maria PauletteSpainRomania Muscle Fest Pro 20202.
Yarishna AyalaPuerto RicoPittsburgh Pro 20212.
Isabelle NunesUSAMilwaukee Pro 20211.
Sunny AndrewsUSAMilwaukee Pro 20212.
Casey DeLongUSAPuerto Rico Pro 20211.
Lorena RagusaUSAPuerto Rico Pro 20212.
Juliana EstesoBrazilMr. Big Evolution Pro 20211.
Isamara SantosBrazilMr. Big Evolution Pro 20212.

* place in the relevant competition

Women’s Wellness – Qualification Ranking for 2021 as of July 18th:

1.Renee HarsheyUSA9
2.Amanda RezendeBrazil7
2.Devone MartinUSA7
4.Helena OrdonezSpain5
4.Marcela MattosBrazil5
4.Julia ChitarraBrazil5
4.Devyn CambreUSA5
4.Anna MroczkowskaPoland5
9.Minna PajulahtiFinland4
9.Charline MasFrance4
11.Susana RodriguezBrazil3
11.Lisa MeiswinkelGermany3
13.Danielle BalbinoBrazil2
13.Bruna FerrazUSA1


Twenty-four professionals took part in the bikini, the judges had difficult job with such numbers and divided them into relatively large groups of eight. Here new Austrian professional Kristina Brunauer become sensation as only just won professional card at the friday`s Amateur Olympia stood got the first call out among favorites, meanwhile other took turns in comparisons by her side, the judges did not move Kristina anywhere and in the end, she did the impossible, in a single weekend, became future Olympian from amateur. In this category we had Amy Leigh-Quine representing UK in her Pro debut and Jessica Kavanagh from Ireland unfortunately both didn’t get notice by the judges in such huge line up.

36161 9

Medalists Mr. Big Evolution Pro 2021 in women’s fitness bikini (photo: )

2021mrbigevolution 071821v2 scorecardBIK
Mr. Big Evolution Pro and AO Portugal 2021 Part 1 19

Qualification ranking for the Bikini Olympia 2021 as of July 18th:

NameCountryCompetitionum. *
Stine HansenDenmarkBritish Grand Prix 20201.
Lucia MalavazeUSASan Antonio Pro 20201.
Jourdanne LeeUSAIron Games Pro 20201.
Francesca StoicoItalyRomania Muscle Fest Pro 20201.
Emily PlajerUSAAtlantic Coast Pro 20201.
Angelica TeixeiraUSABattle of Texas 20201.
Jennifer RonzittiUSAArizona Pro 20201.
Janet LayugUSABikini Olympia 20201.
Ashley KaltwasserUSABikini Olympia 20131.
Elisa PeciniBrazilBikini Olympia 20191.
Melissa CarverAustraliaAustralian Pro 20211.
Lauren DannenmillerUSAWorld Klash Pro 20211.
Ashlyn LittleUSAGRL PWR Pro 20211.
Gabrielle MessiasUSASt. Louis Pro 20211.
Romina BasualdoUSANew York Pro 20211.
Alessia FacchinItalyOptimum Classic Pro 20211.
Chen Qi LiuChinaMilwaukee Pro 20211.
Sara ChoiSouth KoreaAsia Grand Prix Pro 20211.
Eli FernandezMexicoDC Pro 20211.
Jimi MarleyUSAEurope Dallas Pro 20211.
Maria Julia LemosBrazilPuerto Rico Pro 20211.
Jessica WilsonUSAOmaha Pro 20211.
Daraja HillUSARepublic of Texas Pro 20211.
Ariel BarleyUSABattle in the Desert 20211.
Kristina BrunauerAustriaMr. Big Evolution Pro 20211.

* place in the relevant competition

Bikini – qualification ranking for the year 2021 as of July 18th:

1.Sierra SwannUSA16
2.Carolina CollazosUSA14
3.Jennifer DorieCanada12
3.Shelby PierceUSA12
3.Anya NicholsonUSA12
6.Etila SantiagoBrazil11
7.Hannah RanfranzUSA9
7.Lauralie ChapadosCanada9
7.Vania AugusteUSA9
7.Ottavia MazzaItaly9
11.Svetlana ElinaRussia8
11.Ester OczellaHungary8
13.Cory HagemanUSA7
13.Jessica DoliasUSA7
15.Carla GarthwaiteUSA6
15.Noora MahonenFinland6
17.Phoebe HaganGreat Britain5
17.Allison TestuFrance5
17.Chloe MargraitnerSwitzerland5
17.Aleksandra BandaAustralia5
17.Song A ReumSouth Korea5
17.Reijuana HarleyUSA5
17.Brittany AnnUSA5
17.Erin SternUSA5
17.Jasmine GonzalezUSA5
17.Kaley HoudyshellUSA5
17.Anastasia GonzalezSpain5
28.Jessica JohnsonAustralia4
28.Alyssa BlessingUSA4
28.Christina HeathUSA4
28.Hyojung KimSouth Korea4
28.Julia WohlschlegelUSA4
28.Dulce CastellanosMexico4
28.Isha BarrowUSA4
28.Cristobalina Pajares TorresSpain4
28.Cristiane SilveiraBrazil4
37.Jade Kelsie WolfendenGreat Britain3
37.Breena MartinezUSA3
37.Stephanie KalmsAustralia3
37.Rudie GuerreroUSA3
37.Sonia LewisUSA3
37.Bola SeoSouth Korea3
37.Lydia MunroeUSA3
37.Alejandra SouleUSA3
37.Lexus RedmondUSA3
45.Elizabeth YisraelUSA2
45.Sethia DaigleUSA2
45.Ivanna EscandarSpain2
45.Beatriz BiscaiaPortugal2
45.Adrianna KaczmarekPoland2
45.Claire BonaccorsoAustralia2
45.Hope HarperUSA2
45.Trisha GreenUSA2
45.Meechka MarcelinUSA2
45.Hye Kyeong HwangSouth Korea2
45.Yadira RosadoUSA2
45.Alexandria RossUSA2


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