Muscle Contest Ireland 2021 postponed!


Unfortunately we have first change in European Ifbb professional shows.
The organisers of Muscle Contest Ireland originally chose the April 17th to hold the competition in Limerick, which however proved to be impossible due to in the current situation in the world and tight restriction in Ireland.
Given that it is not 100% certain when these measures will be released again, the organizers feared that the participation of foreign athletes in particular could be quite difficult.
For this reason, their 212 Pro bodybuilding division competition as well as amateur NPC Pro Qualifier is postponed until 4th of December.

Below you can watch message from Brian Bullman.

The news in very unfortunate for the Pro`s who planed to compete at this shows, some of these are Sahar Kazes, Samir Troudi, James Llewellyn and Robert Taylor. 
Taylor has moved his training camp to Dubai in order to focus on the prep for his Pro Debut along with friend Pavel Pilacis (who also planed to compete at Limericks Pro Qualifier) – the news came on the day they arrived in Dubai.


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