My Fitness Journey by JoPro


My name is JoPro I started my journey in the fitness industry back in 1999 when I was in my late teens. It has all started with my love for group exercise. I have always loved to exercise and took part in athletics, swimming, tennis, netball and gymnastics in my school years.
I just knew I would find a career in Fitness as it’s all I wanted to do and where my passion was and always has been. I also love to dance so group exercise was a natural progression for me. I worked in many gyms and health clubs and worked my way up to Management and trained in all disciplines and found my love for lifting in my early 20’s I spent 20 years working in gyms in the UK and in cruise liners and finally left the corporate world of fitness in 2014 when my journey to competing started.

Had my daughter in 2006 and took some time out to enjoy motherhood, but still had unfinished business and still had ambition and wanted to achieve more in fitness in my late 30’s so did my first competition in 2014, that`s when my journey to competing started.

I fell in love with the process and met some amazing women and it built my self esteem and confidence which led to more and more shows.

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I am now 45 and in prep for my 10th show as a PRO. My daughter is now age 13.

I also prep other girls for shows and built my online business up helping other women look and feel amazing and fully prepared for stage. I teach posing aswell.

Also Im a promoter of my own show in Bristol.

Please feel free to check it out it’s called Battle of Bristol.

My online coaching business is called JoPro Fitness my link is @joprofitness_onlinecoach


If you would like help with prep, fat loss, muscle gain or prep for a shoot I can help with all of the above.


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