New date for 2 Bros – The Kingdom Classic.


Yesterday Wednesday 10th Match 2 Bros Pro Events announced further delay on some their early season shows.
The Kingdom Classic regional qualifier which initially was planed for 13th March postponed till 29th now has been rescheduled for its final date which will be 17th April also it will be held in new location.

Other shows has also bee change as per below schedule:

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Full message and video update from Ian Constable below:

“Important information regarding a new final guaranteed date for the kingdom classic.
–We have tried with everything possible to maintain the current kingdom classic date.
However, unfortunately due to the restrictions and government guidelines, it has become impossible to house the kingdom classic on the 29th of March.
–Had we kept the original date, It would have meant that no hair, makeup or tanning could take place.
Moreover, hotels would have still be closed in the local area due to their restrictions.
–Therefore, the only option was to move and guarantee the kingdom classic date to April 17th the day before the Ryan Terry Classic. This will mean 2 shows on one weekend at the Braywick sports facility in Maidenhead.”


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