Biggest bodybuilding event of the weekend the PCA Universe – took place on 28th May in CBS Arena, Coventry.
Big proper line ups in every category with athletes from all over the world representing PCA from Poland, Spain, Israel and as far as Korea and Thailand.

Below I got for you draft of the results as I am sure you are excited to hear who won, If you would like to help and send me some names feel free to add them in the comment section.


Bodybuilding PRO
Lubos Chladek
Alexandru Vasile Uta
Nathaniel Heckels

Bikini PRO

  1. Park Yeunn
  2. Millie Dunn
  3. Libbie Christian

Mens Physique PRO

Figure PRO
Megan McEveley


Overall winners:

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From left: Fildo Satu, Megan McEveley, Alexandru Vasile Uta, Millie Dunn

Ladies Bikini Tall
Zoe MacFadyen

Ladies Bikini Short

  1. Millie Dunn
  2. Jenny Hamilton
  3. Mel Wilkinson

Ladies Masters – Winner – Naomi Corner
2nd Danielle Mc Feely

Junior Bikini – Winner – Libbie Christian
2nd Sania Kelly

Ladies Wellness – Winner – Taylor Joslin
2nd Emily Rich

Men’s Physique Tall – Winner – Nick Fotheringham
2nd Junior Sodamola

Men’s Physique Short – Winner – Fildo Satu
2nd Tamás Godó
3rd Kane Morris

Masters Men’s Physique
1st Nikolaev Oleg
2nd Alex Sammy

Junior Men’s Physique – Winner – Mark Forbes

Ladies Trained Figure – Winner – Vanessa Polito

Ladies Athletic Figure – Winner – Megan McEveley

Ladies Toned Figure – Winner – Chloe Mcmullan

Mr Bodybuilding Class Tall – Winner – Craig Madden

Mr Bodybuilding Class Medium – Winner – Nathaniel Heckels

Mr Bodybuilding Class Short – Winner – Alexandru Vasile Uta (Acsell)

Masters Bodybuilding (Over 50) – Winner – Rafa de Pedro

Masters Bodybuilding (Over 40) – Winner – Neale Cranwell

Classic Bodybuilding Tall:

  1. Shaquille
  2. Dillon Estephan
  3. Craig Homer
  4. Reece William Pearson

Classic Bodybuilding Medium – Winner – Marcus Elison

Classic Bodybuilding Short – Winner – Maeng Jae Ryeol
5th Mark McKeagny

Juniors Body Building – Winner – Remigiu Partac

Mixed Disability – Winner – Jonas

This article will be further updated when possible.

Nest event of that caliber will be PCA British in Octeber followed by Worlds in Spain, November.

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Special thanks to @ciarafits for help with some of the Bikini results.


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