Samantha Yesilirmak April`21 Athlete Of The Month


Our April athlete of the month is 37 year old Samantha Yesilirmak.

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Little bit about yourself:

I am a diagnostic radiographer, juggling long shifts alongside being a single mum and set on achieving my goals. I hope to set a standard of dedication to my son and I hope that he will understand the benefit of hard work, commitment and dedication. If I can inspire him in some way to achieve his goals to the best of his ability I will have achieved mine! I’ve always been active and had an interest in fitness and nutrition, I previously competed in CrossFit and have done other various sports such as boxing and running and rowing in the past. I am of the mindset that I always have to be working towards a goal so it seemed a natural progression to take my physique to the next level and take to the stage! What inspires me about bodybuilding is that there is always something to improve on, I see myself with a future in the sport and aim to compete in more than one season working of feedback from the judges and bringing my peak physique each time!

I am coached by Char Team LRF. She truly is the best coach I’ve had, so supportive and seems understand my body better than I do! I have 100% trust in her and have followed the plan to the T. My final package will be a product of her fantastic coaching.

Most notable achievement:

My son! He’s my greasiest achievement. That and obtaining a first class degree as a single Mum to a young child. I am driven and dedicated in everything I do, sometimes a bit hard on myself as I have to do everything to the absolute best of my ability, this transfers to my training too. I don’t leave anything behind at the gym!

What are your goals:

Short term goal: to reach the stage with running streak of 100% adherence to my plan! I aim to place as highly as I can, winning a class would be fantastic and overall would be the ultimate.

Long term: to become a Masters Pro.

I am proud to be a part of Team LRF, the support they give is outstanding; from members seminars, YouTube content, podcasts, posing seminars and one-to-one support is unrivalled and I hope to uphold their reputation in my up and coming shows!

Shout out to my posing coaches too @posingportal@andrea.Pelone@charteamlrf@fitbyemma who have each brought a unique flair and a wealth of posing knowledge. Posing was always going to be my weakness as I have come from no dance/gymnastics background so the aspect I’ve had to work hardest on. The training has by far been the easiest part of the journey and the part that comes most natural to me.

GYM:Snap Fitness
COMPETING SINCE:First show 1st May 2022
COACH:Char Team LRF.

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