Tom Prince passed away at 52.


Former American Ifbb Pro bodybuilder Tom Prince has died at age of fifty-two years old.

Tom had health issues for a very long time, he was battling cancer.
In 2002, Tom stepped on the stage for the last time, because of kidney issues caused by a genetic blood condition.

Tom Prince was born on October 26, 1969 in Virginia. From 1995, he became sensation moment he joined the NPC Nationals at his only third competition, in the heavyweight category he was second to Don Long but overcame for example Edgar Fletcher and Toney Freeman. 
Prince was overwhelmed by his achievement. “I went back to my hotel room, lying in bed with my wife, and we cried for about an hour. That’s when I saw it all. My dream came true. “ Prince recalled a moment after his so successful debut in NPC.

Year later he finished second in the same competition, he was unlucky to run into the later four-time Olympia champion Jay Cutler Olympia. In 1997, however no one was able to beat him at the NPC Nationals. He came victorious ahead of some serious names including Orville Burke, Garrett Downing, Dennis James, Dave Palumbo, Mat DuVall, King Kamali, no one was able to beat him in overall either so the professional card he wanted was his! 
He made his IFBB professional division debut at Night of Champions 1999, in which he reached thirteenth place. At the time, he battled against forty-two other athletes. He fulfilled the expectations that many placed in him after a quick start to his career at Night of Champions 2001, where he finished third behind Orville Burke and Dexter Jackson and as a result, according to the rules at the time, he secured a qualification for Mr. Olympia. Where he later finished 16th out of 21, Ronnie Coleman won that year and all participants were classified.

But before he could really develop his potential, serious health problems ended his career. After the 2002 season, he almost died in preparation for the Night of Champions 2003. On April 10, his wife dragged him to a doctor, the examination showed that his blood was very thick and his kidneys and heart were failing. Later, when he got out of the hospital, his condition improved so much that he had an about idea of competing again in 2004. He entered Ironman Pro Invitational but minutes before entering the stage he had to give up when his opponents were performing their first poses he was sitting at the backstage chair, due to a malfunctioning kidney, his lungs filled with water.
For him, this meant a definitive end to bodybuilding, Tom underwent on dialysis three times a week for the next eight years.

Although Tom never won as a pro, he was often featured in the magazines. He was also considered a friend to many in the sport, including Cicherillo, who named the Godfather of his daughter prior to his death.

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