Yamamoto Cup at San Marino Pro 2021:


Although this years Olympia Weekend has finished, the season definitely is far from over. Pros are already fighting for the qualification for the next year’s Olympia and only this weekend they had five different competitions at their disposal! The competition in Rome was particularly attractive, where in addition to the men’s physique with Mr Olympia himself Brandon Hendrickson, open bodybuilding also assembled a very interesting line up with several athletes representing UK.


Bodybuilders in southern Europe were fighting for decent check’s with total awards reaching $ 40,000. Fans in UK could get excited for another battle between Nathan De Asha and Samson Dauda plus another Brit Rob Taylor were to take part in the Yamamoto Cup San Marino Pro, with Tim Budesheim, Theo Leguerrier, Andrea Presti, Milan Sadek and Roelly Winklaar. First call out consisted of four names. As expected, they were Nathan, Samson and Roelly, also joined by Andrea. In the middle of the line, Dauda and De Ash posed first, but soon Samson was then replaced by Roelly.

The second call out had also four names. Milan, Theo,Tim and Bulgarian Boyan Ivanov. 

In the final results Nathan De Asha was the last to be called by the Irishman Billy Garnon, riding the winning wave after the recent Arnold Classic UK. He fought his way to his ninth victory among professionals! Nathan brought best combination to win the show. To UK fans disappointment Roelly was given second ahead of Samson which was called controversial at social media since Winklaar himself admit having poor season 2021 and his hamstrings in particular were somewhat soft and also looked like he struggles to hold poses during pre judging . The fourth place behind Samson was taken by Italian Andrea Presti. The last to get into the top five was Theo Leguerrier. Btw worth mentioning that Babacar Niang , is a Senegalese-Italian bodybuilder who won a professional card at earliest amateur competition.


1. Nathan De Asha

2. Roelly Winklaar

3. Samson Dauda
4. Andrea Presti
5. Theo Leguerrier
6. Milan Šádek
7. Tim Budesheim
8. Fabio Romagnolo
9. Robert Taylor
10. Kevin Gebhardt
11. Babacar Niang
12. Roberto Buonomo
13. Aldo Masolo

– Boyan Ivanov


Fifteen pros competed in the men’s physique, with a clear favourite three-time and reigning champion Men’s Physique Olympia Brandon Hendrickson. And there was no surprises here at the top spot.

Second place went to local Riccardo Croci, who was one of six Italians in the line up. Third went to the athlete from Hungary, Bálint Németh. Brits Emile Walker and Jeffrey Darko who also reached the top five.

1. Brandon Hendrickson
2. Riccardo Croci
3. Bálint Németh
4. Emile Walker
5. Jeffrey Darko

6. Febo Gambacorta
7. Leonardo Vecchiato
8. Andrea Mosti
9. Luca Biolo
10. Manuel Santalucia
11. Maxime Parisi
12. Youcef Djoudi
13. Andrea Amato
14. Alessandro Cavagnola
15. Daniele D’Onofrio

You can find more photos by Jonathan Moriau at Yamamoto Cup San Marino Pro 2021 here at Npcnewsonline.com .


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