Sarah Parker December ’22 Athlete Of The Month


Our December athlete of the month is Sarah Parkerbikini athlete, coach, podcast host and cookie baker.

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Little bit about yourself:

I’ve been competing for nearly a decade now – 15 competitions in 7 seasons to be exact (at the time of writing this article.)

Gained three professional cards with UKUP (who I now judge for), another with NFMUK/GBO as well as WABBA International.

Through UKUP I have won Regional event and British Finals, also came second at their Body Power show back in 2019.

In the same year I won Nick Swann`s – The Rhinos Classic which gave me qualification to WABBA Universe in Mexico where I won Miss Universe title.

This year (2022) I competed with Fit X and 2 Bros (including the Arnold’s)

I’m a host of a weekly female bodybuilding podcast called Beyond Condition Podcast (which can be found on Spotify and iTunes).

I am a full time online coach – “Sarah Parker Coaching” and also started this year baking business called “Beyond Temptation Bakes”

One of my main goals is to help and inspire bodybuilders and/or competitors.

If you want to find out more about Sarah you can watch above video from her own YT channel.

You can follow Sarah on Instagram:


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