Derek Lunsford WINS 2021 212 Mr. Olympia


Derek Lunsford wins the 212 Olympia 2021

Derek Lunsford 212 Olympia
Derek Lunsford (Image via @w_wittmannphoto)

Derek Lunsford is the NEW 212 Olympia Champion. Lunsford was the dark horse going into the 2021 212 Olympia. From the moment Derek stepped on stage, we knew it was going to be very close. 

Boy, oh boy. 212 Olympia 2021 showdown was nothing short of a high-stakes, high-intensity football match. It was El Clasico of bodybuilding – if you will. 2021 Olympia 212 contest had us on the edge of our seats until the very last second.

The underdog-turned-212 champion, Shaun Clarida, had a lot on the line. 

Before the results were announced, everyone had the same question on their mind. Would Shaun be the next champ (after James “Flex” Lewis) to dominate the 212 division, or would he go the Kamal Elgargni way and be sidelined after winning his maiden 212 Olympia title? 

212 Olympia 2021 Results

The best thing about the 212 Olympia showdown is that results are announced the same day. You do not end up waking up at midnight contemplating who had the best physique on stage.

There is a con to the same-day results, though. Unlike Mr. Olympia open division, 212 athletes do not get an additional day to manipulate their carbs and water and dial in their physiques. 

But none of this mattered to Derek Lunsford. He looked sharp and on the money from the moment he stepped on stage. But it was not a cakewalk either. Shaun Clarida gave him a tough fight for the top spot. 

212 Olympia 2021 Results and Prize Money

Here are the final 212 Olympia 2021 standings:

1. Derek Lunsford – $50,000

2. Shaun Clarida – $20,000

Shaun Clarida
Shaun Clarida

3. Kamal Elgargni – $10,000

4. Angel Calderon Frias – $5,000

5. Nathan Epler – $4,000

2021olympia scorecard212 768x739 1
Derek Lunsford WINS 2021 212 Mr. Olympia 4

212 Olympia Winners

Complete list of all 212 Olympia winners:

YearAthleteEvent Place
2021Derek LunsfordOrlando, FL
2020Shaun ClaridaOrlando, FL
2019Kamal ElgargniLas Vegas, NV
2018Flex LewisLas Vegas, NV
2017Flex LewisLas Vegas, NV
2016Flex LewisLas Vegas, NV
2015Flex LewisLas Vegas, NV
2014Flex LewisLas Vegas, NV
2013Flex LewisLas Vegas, NV
2012Flex LewisLas Vegas, NV
2011Kevin EnglishLas Vegas, NV
2010Kevin EnglishLas Vegas, NV
2009Kevin EnglishLas Vegas, NV
2008David HenryLas Vegas, NV


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